How do Oklahoma snakes move?

Tulsa snakes are among the animals whose movements are very unique. Snakes do not have either limbs or legs and yet they can do all their daily activities which includes movement from place to place. The Tulsa snakes are very amazing creatures and this is because they can use other methods to move assuming the fact that they do not have legs.

Snakes use muscles for movement and also their scales that are specialized. The snake’s skeleton has got ribs apart from parts like the head and tail. The ribs have muscles that are attached and this makes their bodies flexible and hence movements are made easier for the snake. The scales on the snake’s body are also very important. They prevent the snake from sliding by increasing friction between the snake and the surface making movements possible.

We all know that snakes move by slithering. This looks simple and very easy. However, the process is rather complicated as the slithering occurs in different ways which can be up to four types. The snake can move by Serpentine movement, caterpillar or rectilinear movement, sidewinding movement and concertina movement.

Serpentine movement.
This is the most common method that snakes use in their movements. The snake normally moves in a wavy motion that forms a S-shaped movement. This is mainly achieved by contraction of muscles in a snake which begins from the head while it moves its body sideways creating the curves. In water snakes, this is the best movement method as it moves the snake very fast through the water currents. The snake however cannot use this method while moving across slippery surfaces.

The caterpillar movement.
This movement is mostly used by the large snake species. This movements occurs when the snakes use their scales on the abdominal muscles to move forward. The movement is slower than the serpentine movement.

Sidewinding movement.
The sidewinding movement differs from the serpentine movement. The movement occurs where by the head of the snake is pushed forward and the rest of the body follows. This movement is very essential and it enables snakes to move in places with low friction like on muddy surfaces and also in sandy areas. The movement is very visible as the snake movements leave patterns on the sands or mud.

Concertina movement.
This type of movement is important to snakes when they climb onto different surfaces. The snakes use their anterior to move in curves and use their abdominal muscles to grip on to the surface and this is continued till the snake reaches its place of choice.

Apart from this movements on the ground, Snakes can also fly. There are flying snakes that achieve their movements by gliding. When moving from one tree to another, the snakes prefer gliding from one tree to another as this is fast enough as compared to slither and climb the other trees. The movements can be very far up to 300 feet. Snake movement is important enabling them find food and water on their own regardless of their surroundings.

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