What is an Oklahoma opossum's natural diet, and how does it get its food?

Opossums are little creatures which generally like to live in the house attics, garages, farms etc. And when it comes to their diet, they are not so choosy. They can eat almost anything to survive. This includes many different things such as insects, rodents or other animal’s food like cats. And if they would be living in the wild area then they can even eat grass, leaves, nuts, shrubs, rodents etc. Their tail plays a great role in helping them to search for their food. Their tail helps them to have their grip on trees. With this, they can even climb on the trees. Thus, if they have to get to the trees to get their food, they can easily do that as well.

To grab their food, Tulsa opossums use their thumbs which actually act as paws. They also use their thumbs to hold their food so that they can easily eat it. The diet of the opossum can vary as per the seasons. At night, they use their nose to catch their prey via smell of the animal. Even though they can locate the far away objects but as per the study it is said that don’t look for their prey through the eyes; in fact they make more use of their nose. G

enerally, Tulsa animals are either herbivores or carnivores but opossums can eat both animals and plants such as snakes, eggs, fish, fruits, rats, insects, nuts, slugs and a lot more. They came out of their houses after the sunset for hunting i.e. the time when it starts getting dark. They generally come back to their holes or houses just before the dawn. This may vary as per the seasons. Opossums can even eat dead animals and generally in winters they like to eat animals (both live and dead), whereas in case of summers they like to eat fruits more.

There are some favorite foods of opossums which they just love to eat which includes tree leaves, clover, barley, invertebrates, eggs, rye etc. When it comes to plants, they have varieties in this food as well. They prefer to eat young leaves as compared to the old ones. Eucalypt leaves are also liked by them a lot as they are rich in the nitrogen when the leaves are young. Opossums chew these leaves properly so that they can get the maximum nutrition out of these. Opossums are also of different kinds and so they are having their different eating habits. Greater Glider likes to eat insects more and honey possum likes to eat nectars more. Their different eating habits have made them pretty famous among the researchers. If you ever find a opossum in your house then they can eat almost anything, therefore, don’t think that they will just find their food in the garbage area. They can even come to your kitchen and can create a mess. Therefore, it is always better to avoid these animals.

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