Why do Oklahoma bats avoid light?

Tulsa bats are nocturnal animals which means that they are adapted to low light and dark conditions. They can see properly only during nightly hours and this is the reason that they step outside only when it is dark. The same is case with all nocturnal animals like rats, moles, raccoons and owls. Bats are the only nocturnal mammals that can fly and that too for both short and long distances. If bats have ever invaded your house, their favourite area is the attic space. This place is unperturbed, dark and quiet which means that it has everything what they require to be in peace!

Until now, you must have understood that Tulsa bats avoid both natural and artificial light (they are nocturnal and prefer areas like attic to roost). But that arises lot of other questions as to how are bats able to see and hunt their prey? Are they blind? Why do they avoid artificial lights? And lot more! This post will help you in providing insight into bats life and hunting habits.

Do bats have accurate vision?
The vision of the bats doesn’t allow them to see anything during the day and this is the reason that they are adapted to their night routine. They have an accurate vision but that is perfect only for low light surroundings. They can find their prey even in immense darkness which clearly evidences the power of their vision and hunting abilities.

Why do bats step out during the night?
They go out and find their preys during night. They rest during the day time. because they are nocturnal animals, its dangerous for them to step outside during the day. They are unable to see anything and the chances of they getting hunt or injured are more during this time of the day. Artificial lights interrupt their vision and blurs the view, and this is the reason they avoid them too! They step out during the day only if they are extremely hungry or stuck at some place.

How do they find their food?
Just like hearing range of many animals is different than that of humans, similarly the vision range is different. Bats are blessed with a special mechanism known as Echolocation. This mechanism helps them in locating their food and guiding the movement. So even it is immensely dark, they can still locate and hunt for their food. It could be exciting to know that bats can even fly for 50 kilometres for the sake of finding food. Therefore, it is important for them to hibernate during the day to save energy for nightly visits.

If you have a Bats conservation trust in your area or if you have ever heard about it, then you might have noticed that they instruct the potential roosting areas of bats to switch off the lights during the daylight hours. The light should not even fall upon the roost access areas! This clearly indicates the importance of darkness for bats. On a different note, now you can relate why bats are always associated with vampires or may be vice versa!

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